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Marketing Yourself in the Age of Digital

The entire journey from start to finish: Living positively Applying for the right job Writing the perfect CV Keeping cool in the interview room Tackling interview questions like a job-hunt ninja Negotiating a killer salary The JobFox UK book: Marketing Yourself in the Age of Digital

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How to WIN At LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to network with other professionals in your industry and to reach out and connect with those people with whom you would like to do business with. Many people feel uncomfortable about establishing an online presence and have a sense that they are putting themselves out there to be scrutinised. Well, […]

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Change of Career

Workday Blues

Back in January, we noticed a huge spike in downloads for our resignation letter templates. This is nothing unusual; we see this trend each and every year. We noticed something new though this April. After the long Easter weekend (two Bank Holidays sandwiched across a weekend; such bliss!) website traffic to the site went beyond […]

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Edit my CV -

Is My CV A Load Of Old Waffle?

One of the most common issues that people find when they are updating their CV is that it is too long.   Editing a CV can be a really tricky task. For most people, their experience is hard-earned and to see a four year vacancy reduced to a dribbling two-sentence description can feel like a crushing […]

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Resignation Letter Template

Resignation Templates for January Blues

The first thing we noticed was a huge spike in the number of downloads taken from the site. This is to be expected in January. Everyone comes back after their long Christmas break and there – sat bleakly at their desks like a scene from a Dickens novel – they dream of far away shores […]

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Cover Letters - Light Touch

Cover Letters: The Light Touch

Here’s the gist of it: if you are spending days writing a highly-crafted, tageted cover letter what on earth is your CV for? It is your CV that needs to be doing the leg work and if your cover letter is over-egged it simply means that you have not put the effort in to write […]

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What To Put On Your CV

The Perfect CV Doesn’t Need Your Life Story

I reviewed a CV recently for a client and was intrigued to see this in the first paragraph of their personal profile: My wife is a dog breeder and specializes in Chihuahuas and Maltese breeds, I have a Great Pyrenees Mountain dog which makes for an interesting Canine dynamic in the house. No doubt this person […]

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Recruitment Consultants - Your CV

Get Recruiters Working For You

Recruiters are busy people. Essentially, they’re sales staff and they have to juggle a lot priorities at once: the vacancy, the client, the candidate and often the three things can pull in different directions. So if you speak to recruiters and don’t feel like you’re their priority remember that they’re usually thinking of the bigger picture. But […]

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CV Example Red

Should I Put Colour On My CV?

In most schools of thought you should never put colour on a CV. We have seen many CVs though that have used colour with striking effect. Blues can look particularly pleasing and not too offensive to even the most conservative tastes. There is an obvious exception though: the creative industries. I recently saw the most […]

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CV Template

Choose The Right CV Template

Think about it for a moment: employers are seeing on average forty CVs for each vacancy that is posted. That is why you have to get the right CV template from the outset and not some washed out quicky that you found on the first website you came across. If you had to read through […]

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