Workday Blues

Back in January, we noticed a huge spike in downloads for our resignation letter templates. This is nothing unusual; we see this trend each and every year. We noticed something new though this April. After the long Easter weekend (two Bank Holidays sandwiched across a weekend; such bliss!) website traffic to the site went beyond our expectations: our biggest set if visitor numbers in the history of the site. So, just like Blue Monday in January, April saw its own downturn in the nation’s mood, particularly where our careers are concerned.

Like most large websites, we monitor the web traffic that comes in and out. The huge spike in numbers after the Easter holidays told an intersting story: people were coming back after the long weekend and were sat desperate at their desks, trying somehow to reach out to a new life somewhere far away from where they came back to.

If you’re feeling lost in your career, here are a few gentle nudges to help you find your way:

If you are looking for a new career you could start by reaching out online and either setting up a new LinkedIn account or by overhauling the account that you currently have.

Updating or creating a new LinkedIn account is the perfect time to go over your CV. Take a good look at our free CV Templates and get some inspiration for your own – make sure it is clear, crips and sharp and – for goodness sake – edit your CV down so that it is not a rambling biography – recruiters do not want your life story!

While you’re at it, take a look at our cover letter examples as these are ideal for those looking to move on.


Share your stories with us using the comments section below – others can learn from your journey.


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