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In my life as a careers coach I have I have been asked most about CVs more than any other area of the job hunt process.

LinkedIn is a valuable route into networking with peers in your industry and, just like the CV, people struggle to choose the right content to really get the most out of networking opportunities.

In my book, Marketing Yourself in the Digital Age, there is a whole chapter dedicated to using social media to find a job.

Let’s look at using LinkedIn with some guidance on completing your LinkedIn profile:

Use a Professional Photo:

Wear professional clothes as if you were attending the interview or meeting a client. Choose a plain background behind you, even if it your current office (this is what I have).


  • No comedy photos or photos of you on the beach or holding the Champions Cup
  • Make it a clear head shot and not taken from the other side of the room at a wedding (yes, you did look nice that day but no, not for LinkedIn)


Use Industry Language

In all career areas there tends to be esoteric language that is used within the fold. Ensure that you use this language within your LinkedIn profile so that you sound the part. If you are not sure what this language is then make sure you review influencers’ profiles on LinkedIn and chime your profile with theirs.

Perform a job search within your industry and pay close attention to the language that is being used – it is going to be language that is current within your field.

Your bio headline should be simple and searchable:

Mortgage sales professional

Digital content executive

Social media strategist

Project manager in the engineering sector


This will allow recruiters to headhunt you.


Use Your CV

Your LinkedIn profile needs to populate with useful information about your current and previous roles. Look through your CV and use it to inspire you to complete all of the sections of your CV.

Add Some Personality

Don’t just copy and paste your dull CV text into LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn profile is a lively digital version of your CV so reframe the language to add a little zeal and zest to it! In a crowded labour market – particularly in leaner times – it is the ability to stand out from the crowd that may see you achieving a foot in the door and beginning conversations with potential employers.


Carl Gobey is the author of Marketing Yourself in the Age of Digital; a guidebook for jobhunters who are seeking to take control of their lives.

The book is available via the free Kindle app, available for Android and iphone.

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