Careers Classroom Resources

Lesson Plan CareersIn this section you will find our careers resources for use in schools, job centres and job finding/job search workshops. The resources here are totally free. They are yours to copy without limit.

The language used in our careers resources has been pitched so that it is suitable for a wide age range without being too challenging or condescending. They are useful for the individual or for those that want a worksheet that will generate discussion in a group setting.

All of the files are in PDF format.

Blank CV Template & Example

This is the perfect introduction to CVs. A CV example and then a blank version that can be used as a prompt-tool to start sketching out the work history and background. Copied back-to-back this is the perfect opener to any CV discussion. Suitable for both young people and adults.

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What is a CV

This Worksheet outlines what a CV is, when you will need one and some common-sense advice around the subject. It breaks down the sections of a CV and analyses each part in a clear way.

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How To Write A Cover Letter

An overview of the cover letter including cover emails: the wording to use and aspects to look out for when approaching this topic.

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CV Examples Pack

Need some CV examples to compare/contrast, discuss and share? Download all six of the jobfox UK CV Templates (This is a zip file; your computer will unpack it for you if you). Please be advised that the CVs in the Examples Pack are in pdf format. If you would like them in Word to create your own personal CV please visit the CV Template Zone.

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Looking For Work

A Worksheet that takes you through the mindset of the job-hunter; thinking about using the Internet, networking, employment agencies and other routes into work that might be considered.

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Applying For Work

This one-page Worksheet has some sensible, straightforward advice about organising your job-search and how to go about this challenging process.

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Technical Support:


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