Interview Questions

Interview Questions And Answers

As they ask their interview questions you will be feeling nervous; your mind will be running on double-time. With that in mind you can take your time.  Breathe. Think about your answers. Rather take your time and give the right answer than rush and talk nonsense.

The fundamental purpose of the interview question is to ask one simple thing:

            Why should we give you a job?


Good question. And why should they? You need to let them know that you are passionate:

            …I enjoy working with people.

         …I have a great respect for this company.

         …I have always been passionate about…

It’s fine if you have lifted these ready-made-phrases directly from your application form because that will show consistency.

If you get nervous you may talk nonsense. Imagine your answers as aiming at a bullseye on a darts board: if you aren’t hitting the bullseye you’re wasting your time. You have two options if you start to talk nonsense: first, stop yourself, smile politely and say, “I think I’ve answered your question. Or second: Take a breath and get back on track. Either way they’ll appreciate your openness.

Weaknesses and Strengths

People always ask us this one. “What if they ask me what my weaknesses are?”

It’s a bit of a cliché really but that’s not to say that this question is never asked. The trick here is to turn your weakness into a positive.

I always lacked confidence so I joined a public speaking course two years ago.

I can be obsessive about detail but a little bit of that can go a long way.

I sometimes struggle to let go of a project I’ve worked hard on when it’s time to hand over to others

It can be a tight-rope walk answering this sort of question without sounding smarmy so have a good think and make sure your answer really reflects who you are. If your weakness-to-strength story is a real one from your life you will sound sincere and open.

The Final Interview Question

The final question tends to be, “Do you have any questions for us?” This can really throw people.

While you were waiting to be called you may have had a look at your surroundings

            While I was waiting I noticed that….?

You may want to ask a functional question about shift-patterns, uniforms or opening times.

You have gleaned some information from the website:

            I see you are expanding into…will this be a new focus…?


You may simply want to ask them when they will be making their decision about the vacancy you are being interviewed for.

Engage the interview panel as you leave and thank them for their time.

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