The Positive Job Hunter

Remain Positive In Your Jobsearch

This section is in no way meant to be glib. It’s a serious point about your job search.

Negative people don’t find work; positive people do. It doesn’t get more complex than that.

Walk into an interview with defeat in your eyes and you’ve lost.

Call a prospective employer with defeat in your voice and you’ve lost.

Even your CV speaks volumes about your outlook.

Be positive about your position and you’ll be ahead of those who aren’t.

Be positive and you will turn vague leads into worthwhile opportunities.

Be positive and you will escape the biggest trap to befall the job-hunter: fatigue.


Punching above your weight

We have spoken to so many job-seekers who only apply for jobs that match perfectly their career history and experience.  They scour the job-search sites and the papers; they see the vacancies and they say, “I can’t apply for that job. They’ll never employ someone with my experience.” Half the time they’re wrong.


There are two simple reasons why you should apply for jobs above your station.

  1. You are widening your jobsearch range thus increasing your chances
  2. You will strive to raise your game and prep-up for the application form and the interview: you will effectively up-skill

It’s a win-win when you punch above your weight. Don’t worry about rejection. You’re jobsearching: it goes with the territory. Thicken your skin a little because you may feel a little wounded more than once through this process. Always pick yourself up, dust yourself down and move on.


Enhancing your chances

This is a brief note about voluntary work. So many people don’t appreciate how good voluntary work looks on the CV and the application form. In fact, we have mentioned the V word and seen faces turn to a look of horror.

Let’s face it, we’d all like to get paid for our time but the point of voluntary work for the job seeker is the experience you gain can help you shine.

  1. Use voluntary work to fill dead time between jobs
  2. Use voluntary work to move into work you don’t have experience of
  3. Use voluntary work to enhance and expand on your experience

Use voluntary work and watch your job chances improve. For general information on voluntary work go to voluntary section of You can also search for voluntary opportunities at the website.

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