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Gaps Of Employment CV

Gaps of Employment on Your CV

Our life stories are as unique as ourselves. Our CVs tell the story of our lives: who we’ve hung around with, where we studied, when we left school, oor strengths and tastes and a great deal more. Inevitably, we will have gaps on our CV. Most people have had a period of unemployment; it’s an inevitability of […]

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Top 5 Reasons Your CV Is Useless!

Your primary goal with your CV is to ensure that every tiny detail of it is geared with the employer in mind. You haven’t written the CV for you. Everything from your employment history to your skills profile will be fine tuned to ensure that each and every word should catch the eye of the […]

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CV Formats

Build a Pretty CV!

So there you have it. You have agonised over the wording of your CV; battled to dream up fabulous words that describe your eagerness to please the recruiter. You have crafted a Skills Profile with Power Words that describe your high level of employability with the skills of a CV Ninja. You have melted your […]

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The Proven Way To Secure A Job Interview

Regardless of whether your CV is one page or two pages long (if it is more than two pages then your CV is  too long!) the main skills and qualities you possess that you want to impart to the recruiter should fall into the first few sections of your CV. (If you do not have a CV yet […]

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Sincerely or Faithfully?

If you know the name of the person you’re writing  to (‘Dear Jane…’) use sincerely. If you don’t know the name of the name of the person you’re addressing then you should use faithfully. Emails tend me be less formal than traditional letters so you could always keep it simple and use regards/kind regards.   […]

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SEO Your CV and Your Cover Letter

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the tips and techniques used to ensure that the search engines can find content online. One element of this is using the right language to connect to people conducting online searches – putting the right keywords onto the website is essential. The same should be true of your CV. Make […]

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