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Is My CV A Load Of Old Waffle?

One of the most common issues that people find when they are updating their CV is that it is too long.   Editing a CV can be a really tricky task. For most people, their experience is hard-earned and to see a four year vacancy reduced to a dribbling two-sentence description can feel like a crushing […]

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What To Put On Your CV

The Perfect CV Doesn’t Need Your Life Story

I reviewed a CV recently for a client and was intrigued to see this in the first paragraph of their personal profile: My wife is a dog breeder and specializes in Chihuahuas and Maltese breeds, I have a Great Pyrenees Mountain dog which makes for an interesting Canine dynamic in the house. No doubt this person […]

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CV Template

Choose The Right CV Template

Think about it for a moment: employers are seeing on average forty CVs for each vacancy that is posted. That is why you have to get the right CV template from the outset and not some washed out quicky that you found on the first website you came across. If you had to read through […]

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Edit the CV

Your CV Is Too Long!

For employers, there is nothing worse than a CV that is pages and pages long. If you can’t manage the task of editing your CV down then you’re not worth employing. Really, a three page CV in a difficult labour market is not acceptable. anything longer than that and you’re going straight into the shredder without a […]

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Gaps Of Employment CV

Gaps of Employment on Your CV

Our life stories are as unique as ourselves. Our CVs tell the story of our lives: who we’ve hung around with, where we studied, when we left school, oor strengths and tastes and a great deal more. Inevitably, we will have gaps on our CV. Most people have had a period of unemployment; it’s an inevitability of […]

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Why Don’t I Hear Back From Employers?

One of the things we hear people say the most here in the JobFox UK den is “I’ve applied for so many jobs – I NEVER hear back.” It’s likely that your CV has gone into the Black Hole. We’ve seen many CVs. Most of them – unfortunately – suffer from the same dull, bland […]

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Top 5 Reasons Your CV Is Useless!

Your primary goal with your CV is to ensure that every tiny detail of it is geared with the employer in mind. You haven’t written the CV for you. Everything from your employment history to your skills profile will be fine tuned to ensure that each and every word should catch the eye of the […]

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CV Power Words

Be Creative: The Key to a Winning CV

Dull, bland and unimaginative language on a CV is every recruiter’s bugbear. Imagine you’re an employer; you have advertised a vacancy and – with high hopes of hearing from dynamic and keen individuals – you begin to receive a stack of CVs on the email and in the post. You receive thirty five CVs in […]

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CV Formats

Build a Pretty CV!

So there you have it. You have agonised over the wording of your CV; battled to dream up fabulous words that describe your eagerness to please the recruiter. You have crafted a Skills Profile with Power Words that describe your high level of employability with the skills of a CV Ninja. You have melted your […]

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CV Skills Profile -

The Proven Way To Secure A Job Interview

Regardless of whether your CV is one page or two pages long (if it is more than two pages then your CV is  too long!) the main skills and qualities you possess that you want to impart to the recruiter should fall into the first few sections of your CV. (If you do not have a CV yet […]

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