Choose The Right CV Template

CV TemplateThink about it for a moment: employers are seeing on average forty CVs for each vacancy that is posted. That is why you have to get the right CV template from the outset and not some washed out quicky that you found on the first website you came across.

If you had to read through that lot you would soon find ways to weed out the chaff from the grain – but how would you do it, what would you look for?


This is the first element that will stand out for employers and it’s easy to get this right. Don’t just rely on you spell checker (it can’t spot miss steaks that are reel words!) Ensure that you get someone thorough to read through it and ask them to brutal about your grammar too.


Avoid the obvious. If you have to sift through forty CVs you would soon start to pull your hair out the fourteenth time you saw the line, “Works well in a team as well as alone.”

Bad Formatting

When you are composing your CV you will spend a great deal of time ensuring that the content is spot on. But when that process is done, step back. Now think about your reader. Is the formatting of your CV appropriate to allow the reader to pick up all of the appropriate details from your CV, with just a glance? Get this part right and your CV will leap off the page!


Brevity here is the key. There is a skill to editing; show off a little. A one page CV is ideal but not everyone can achieve this. Two pages and not a word longer. Remember that recruiter: forty CVs that are two pages long = eighty pages of very dull CV reading.


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