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January Jobsearch Starts Now

Can we agree now, neither next Monday nor the Monday after are "Blue Monday, believed by experts to be the most depressing day of the year". — The Media Blog (@TheMediaTweets) January 14, 2016 We hear the same every year about whether it is or is not Blue Monday. Does such a thing even exist? […]

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Change of Career

Workday Blues

Back in January, we noticed a huge spike in downloads for our resignation letter templates. This is nothing unusual; we see this trend each and every year. We noticed something new though this April. After the long Easter weekend (two Bank Holidays sandwiched across a weekend; such bliss!) website traffic to the site went beyond […]

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Recruitment Consultants - Your CV

Get Recruiters Working For You

Recruiters are busy people. Essentially, they’re sales staff and they have to juggle a lot priorities at once: the vacancy, the client, the candidate and often the three things can pull in different directions. So if you speak to recruiters and don’t feel like you’re their priority remember that they’re usually thinking of the bigger picture. But […]

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Send a CV -

Why Employers Are LAZY

We’ve all been there: you haven’t updated your CV for months and every vacancy you see demands a CV and a  Cover Letter. You’re certainly not alone in your scramble to get a CV together in a hurry to compete in a tough jobs-market. In these austere times employers have become tight and lazy. Why should they go to […]

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iPhone, Android and its impact on jobsearch

Steve Jobs and His Immeasurable Impact

With the passing of Steve Jobs it is impossible to measure Jobs’ contribution to modern life. There are detractors that push Jobs’ damage to competition (compare Apple’s closed software ecosystem to Android’s open platform). Nonethless – to paraphrase President Obama – a vast amount of people found out about Steve Jobs’ death on devices that […]

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